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      • Our online shirt originator acknowledges the accompanying picture designs as it were: JPG, PNG and SVG documents. (It doesn't acknowledge EPS or PDF records!) For ideal quality attire prints we suggest sparing your photographs as a great JPG or PNG document at any rate 200 DPI. It would be ideal if you transfer your fine art at the favored print size you want.If utilizing any extraordinary text styles in your work of art record guarantee fine art textual styles have been changed over into diagrams. When printing huge prints, spare your documents in any event 35cm wide whenever the situation allows. (In any event 3000 pixels wide). Instructions to REMOVE A BACKGROUND FROM AN IMAGE: To print a straightforward picture (without a foundation or box) - Upload your document as a top notch straightforward PNG record. In any case in the event that you transfer your photograph as a JPG record, Under the Additional Notes Box on Checkout Page - include this content: "If you don't mind expel foundation from picture". When your request has been put our architect group will at that point physically expel the foundation picture complimentary before printing!
      • We print all pictures / Images in a full shading RGB Profile print process. As such we can't coordinate a 100% Pantone shading. We will give a valiant effort to print the work of art and pictures as close as could be expected under the circumstances. Because of various PC and versatile screens your picture may have a slight shading variety once printed. On the off chance that your after a definite match to a certain Pantone PMS shading you can include: Under the Additional Notes Box on Checkout Page - include this content: "for example it would be ideal if you print red shading as near a brilliant fire red .... ". What's more, we will attempt our best to print as close as could be expected under the circumstances!
      • Our standard print sizes are: For little front left chest or front right chest position @ 8-10 cm wide. For enormous front community or huge back focus position @ 30cm wide x 45cm tallness. For kids and women pieces of clothing print sizes might be diminished in like manner to fit articles of clothing. In the event that you need a custom explicit print size: Under the Additional Notes Box on Checkout Page - include this content: "for example if it's not too much trouble print front picture @ X cm wide .... ". We likewise suggest transferring your pictures at the printing size you like. for example In the event that you need the front picture printed @ 20 cm wide, at that point transfer your record @ 20 cm wide. Most extreme PRINT SIZE: Our most extreme print is 35cm Wide x 45cm Height. Piece of clothing MOCK UP and PRODUCT Color MATCHING: The majority of the article of clothing attire hues have been coordinated as close as conceivable to the real piece of clothing shading. There might be a slight shading contrast between what you see on screen and the genuine piece of clothing/conceal shading. On the off chance that your after a precise PMS shading match we propose you request a clear shirt test first.
      • Lamentably we can't do any article of clothing prints that go right to edge. This is because of our rectangular printing outline that necessities to hold the article of clothing set up when printing just as the most extreme printing zone our computerized machines can print! Greatest printing size is 35cm W x 45cm tallness.
      • Direct to Garment Printing This t shirt printing method will print the design directly into the clothing. Just like printing on paper, but on fabric. Screen Printing f you’re the traditional type, screen printing will fit your needs. Bold colours and typography? We can handle that. Embroidery For a more classy and minimalistic feel, go for the embroidered shirts! This will be perfect for employee uniforms. Heat Transfer / Vinyl For a modern looking shirt, heat transfer / vinyl might be the one for you. Graphic tees? We can do it.

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              • Kevin
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